A global change is coming.

FridaysForFuture is calling for a global strike under #UprootTheSystem.

Streets and content-feeds will be filled with change-makers demanding for action. September 24 will create waves of intergenerational conversations and will ignite an awakening. Change-makers of all ages, in all seats of power, will take pro-climate actions.

Content creators, join us, as we amplify our voices on Instagram.

Amplify Contest: Sept 18th - 24th

What will we plant to seed our future after the system is uprooted?

This is the question we've been addressing every day. In our search for answers, we've been sowing seeds by exploring old wisdom and new, and every day we uncover new answers.

We stand united alongside those unheard, those Most Affected Peoples and Areas (MAPA) and youth who march to take direct action.

So we're making climate conversations approachable and clear to build bridges for all. - Approachable, not disengaging. We are making climate conversations approachable by centering arts and culture from creators whose voice is authentic yet unifying. Current climate conversations are dour, anchored in doom. - Clarity, not discouraging jargon. For explorers curiously engaging in climate, we are simplifying how to learn about sustainable pro-climate solutions. - Connecting bridges, not dividing walls. More than ever, our conversations are occurring online but our social feeds are not tailored the same. Our echo-chambers dampen our ability to hear each other. We need to reach across our tribes and build bridges.

We do this by building a unifying space for this common cause - people and planet.

Your Climate Voice

Finding your voice in climate

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Your Actions Matter

We demystify climate lanes. 3 page scrolls, then guide you to act now or learn more. Thumb-stoppingly simple with thumb-tap actions.


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